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C-A-Solutions is a Panda Security reseller. We have been using Panda anti-virus and internet secuity products ourselves for many years and we recommend them to our clients. Panda Security have a whole range of products for different requirements and environments but we focus mainly on Endpoint Protection.

C-A-Solutions - Panda Security

Endpoint Protection is a simple and light endpoint security solution which allows you to manage the security of all the devices on a network without affecting performance and with the lowest possible cost of ownership.

A simple web browser interface allows the management of security and product upgrades. Cleaner Monitor can be run remotely to repair workstations infected with advanced or non-conventional malware. Workstations can be rebooted remotely to ensure the latest updates are installed. Detailed monitoring of your IT infrastructure is available through comprehensive and intuitive dashboards, reports can be generated and sent automatically detailing the protection status, detections and inappropriate use of resources.

Profile-based protection policies can be assigned ensuring that the most appropriate policies are applied to each group of users. Malware Freezer locks detected malware for seven days just in case there is a false positive, in which case the file is automatically restored to the system.

For more information on Panda Security products please contact us or you can visit the Panda Security website.

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