Sage 50 Accounts

Fully Integrated with Sage 50 Accounts

Although we are software developers, we see no merit in "reinventing the wheel" and so SchoolMaster has been designed to work specifically with all of Sage 50 Accounts family of programs and our Sage Developer status means that we have the tools to provide a seamless link between the two programs. Once SchoolMaster has been installed and configured, a link is established to the Sage database and Customer Codes, Nominal Codes, VAT Codes and Departments Codes all become accessible.

Sage 50 Accounts

Our aim is always to try and reduce the amount of data entry required. Entering the same data twice is not only boring, it also makes mistakes more likely.

Read in codes from Sage

SchoolMaster automatically generates invoices for fees and any other additional charges that may be required such as uniforms, music lessons, school trips, etc. There is also the option of creating charges for school bus fares - SchoolMaster allows the creation of multiple bus routes with any number of stops on each route and charges to and from each stop. The days and times that each pupil uses a specific bus route can then be selected and SchoolMaster will then calculate the fares to be charged for the billing period.

At the end of the process all invoices are posted automatically to Sage Accounts using the pre-defined Customer Codes, Nominal Codes, VAT Codes and Department Codes. Again, no re-keying of data is required.

Post invoices to Sage

We have been a Sage Business Partner for a number of years and so we are also able to supply Sage 50 Accounts and Payroll as part of a complete package if you do not already have this software.

You can also view our entry on the Sage Additions website.

Sage 50c Accounts